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Development Policy and Practice in International Comparison


Course information

This module course is part of an inter-university course (“Learning Across Borders”) lead by the Sustainable International Development Graduate Program of the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University. The main coordinator of the course is Prof. Susan Holcombe. Using online methods, students of BNU will discuss directly with students of Heller School at Brandeis University and students from a university in Ghana in Africa. The course seeks to foster dialogue across the globe about key challenges to implementing policies and programs that serve social justice development goals. The course analyzes the different kinds of development policy in use around the world. It discusses how development goals evolve, the upside and downside of international aid, NGO intervention and other forms of development assistance, and studies the three main “styles” of development policy using the cases from countries like Bangladesh, Rwanda and China. The language of instruction is English.


Course purpose

The course opens with a discussion of some definitions and measurements of the goals of development, and the values that shape our choices of goals. We all bring our own goals, values and ethical principles to the practice of development. The course offers the opportunity to students to explicitly articulate their own development goals and values and then examine, through case studies and other materials, how goals and values are reflected in practice. The case studies are about what works. They represent examples from Africa and Asia of substantial progress toward sustainable human development goals, and of the strategies, methods and tools used to achieve those successes. The course goes on to examine persistent challenges, for example, how the ‘curse’ of natural resources, ineffective aid and absence of accountable governance, may frustrate opportunities for advancing human development. The learning materials used in exploring these challenges go beyond problem identification and search out successful examples of managing natural resources; of effective aid, and of engaged, contributing citizenry.

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