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SSDPP's 2011 Board Meeting Wraps Up

来源:   2011-11-14 08:54:23

SSDPP's board members met with professors from the school on November 5 for the annual Board Meeting.


During the day-long session, Dean Zhang Xiulan, Prof. Hu Xiaojiang and other faculty representatives briefed their work in 2011, and conducted thorough discussions with board members on a wide range of issues, including the sustainability of the school's international programs, the feasibility of launching the school's academic journal as well as the curriculum design of MPA and MSW programs.


After the meeting, board members talked to 17 student representatives about their study, career planning and lives on campus.


It's the third year SSDPP holds a board meeting to review work performance in the previous year and map out strategic plans for the future.


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