研究领域: 儿童、青少年;教育;实习培训

Honorary Associate Professor                                        

Department of Social Work and Social Administration

The University of Hong Kong


1974        B.Soc.Sc (Social work and Sociology), University of Hong Kong

1984         M.Soc.Sc (Social Work), University of Hong Kong

2000         PhD (Social Work), University of Hong Kong

Fields of Interest:

Children and Youth


Fieldwork Training

Reflection Training in Social Work Education

Teaching Experience:                                                                                                      

Social Work Theory and Practice

Social Work Skills Laboratory

Social Skills Training for Social Workers

Social Skills Training for Human Service Personnel

Introduction to Social Work

Knowing Ourselves, Knowing the World

Field Work Placement

Transferable Skills (for research post-graduate students)

Supervision of research post-graduate students

Administrative Experience:

Director of Fieldwork Instruction (2007-2012)

Department Representative on Selection Committee of Academic Staff (2009-2011)

BSW Programme Director (1997-1998, 2001-2002, Jan 2003-Dec 2006)

Selected Community Services:

Assessment Team Member of Social Workers Registration Board for the qualification recognition review on the social work qualification of Associate of Social Science in Social Work, Caritas Francis Hsu College. 1/1/2008 to 31/12/2010.

Academic Assessor of Advanced Diploma in Applied Social Sciences (Youth Counselling) HKU SPACE (2006-12)

Academic Assessor of the Associate of Applied Social Sciences in Youth and Social Services, HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Community College (2009-12).

Programme Review Panel Member for the following programmes of HKU SPACE in December 2010.

l   Advanced Certificate in Counseling

l   Advanced Certificate in Psychology

l   Advanced Certificate in Gerontology

l   Advanced Certificate in Social Welfare

Guest reviewer of the following international journals:

l   British Journal of Social Work

l   Children and Youth Services Review

l   The Journal of Early Adolescence

l   The Journal of Psychology in Chinese Societies.

l   Learning and Individual Differences.

Selected Research Publications:

Lam, D. & Cheng, F. (in press) Homeless people: Street children – Asia. Encyclopedia of Housing and Home. Oxford: Elsevier.


Leung, G.S.M., Lam, D.O.B., Chow, A.Y.M., Wong, D.F.K., Chung, C.L.P. & Chan, B.F.P. (2011). Cultivating reflexivity in social work students: A course-based experience. The Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning, 11, 54-74.


Chow, A.Y.M., Lam, D.O.B., Leung, G.S.M. & Wong, D.F.K. (2011) Promoting Reflexivity among Social Work Students: The Development and Preliminary Evaluation. Social Work Education, 30(2), 141-156.


Cheng, F. & Lam, D. (2010) How is street life? An examination of the subjective wellbeing of street children in China. International Social Work, 53(3) 353–365.


Tsang S.K.M., Leung J.C.B., Law C.K., Chu Yeung P.P.Y., Lam D.O.B., Leung G.S.M. and Yeung K.C. (2010). Building effective family services: Review on the implementation of the integrated family service centre service mode. Hong Kong, Social Welfare Department

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