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Fall 2016 Welcome and Halloween Party to Remember!!

Source:   2016-11-04 09:43:14



The long awaited welcome party finally took place on the 28th October 2016. The event was held at the School of Social Development and Public Policy (SSDPP) in room 2030. The aim of the party was to officially welcome both Chinese and International new students (2016 cohorts) in a more fun way and to also create an opportunity for the International students to meet their Chinese counterparts.


The event began at 18:00 o’clock local time and the environment was charged with melodious tunes from all kinds of music genres to welcome participant as they arrived.   A full number of International and Chinese of Ph.D., Masters, MPA, MSW, CDC program were in attendance along with few friends from other departments in BNU.  

Prior to the party, the International Students Union and Chinese students union of SSDPP worked very hard for the planning and all necessary arrangements for the party. Their collective efforts really made the party wonderful and successful!!

Wang Jiarui and Wang Jing’s passionate dance performances ushered the students into a cheerful party atmosphere. In order to break the ice and create a more relaxed atmosphere, the battle of Wechat scanning game was announced. The aim of the game was to allow the international and Chinese students of CDC program exchanged Wechat contacts within a given time frame. This activity really achieved its aim. Many friends were made, a sense of “we feeling” too was established; it set the environment for effective interaction and merry making.


The moderators of the event then grouped the students according to the number of Wechat accounts ranging from the highest number 20 to 8 new friends students were able to connect. This formed in total the four competing groups for the night’s game.

In addition, the games for the night included: “time machine,” “SSDPP KTV,” “crazy idioms,” “sugar relay race,” and “table tennis race.” Group two took the first position in “time machine”, and “SSDPP KTV” games, whilst group four won “sugar relay race”. Group one and three won “table tennis race” and “crazy idioms” games respectively.

In the middle of the game, there was a break for dinner. This was to replenish the energy lost and rejuvenate the body for the second part of the activities lined up for the night.

Tables, beautifully arranged in a chain-like form were decorated with different kinds of food and drink such as pizza, chicken, beers, cocktails, fruit juice, fruits candies to mention but a few. There was indeed more than enough to eat and drink.


Picture taking, tête-à-tête talks, and many interesting things characterized the dinner. It was a great part of the event and the faces of students were filled with smiles as they were seen taking many random selfies plus pictures with friends.

Sadig Gachayev, an international master student (2016 Cohort) welcomed the students from dinner with his lovely spirit driving traditional Chinese poems. “Crazy idioms,” “sugar relay race,” and “table tennis race” games then followed.

After the games section, Lu Wenyu played the “ukulele” and sang a melodious song for us which caught the attention of all present after which LI Jing and Zhang Jingxia sang a beautiful song together. At the same time, three international students Joe, Sadig and Christian took charge of the stage to sing for the audience. Surprisingly, the trio chose to sing the popular Chinese song <little apple> - well, it was a hilarious performance they put up.

The final section of the activity for the night was the unforgettable costume party accompanied with energetic songs which motivated everyone to wear their costume, moving in a systematic rhythm in a circular form with others displaying their dancing skills in the inner circle.

Group photos and thousands of “selfies” climaxed the party. It was a memorable night.


The smiles on the face of each participant could not suggest anything but saying bravo to the organizers of this year’s welcome party as well as to the leadership of SSDPP Students Union.


   Written by: Moses Kofi Ekpe (2016 Cohort)

   Edited by: Pauline M. Ponyene (2015 Cohort)

   Photo by: Wen Guom

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