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Master Students from SSDPP- CDC Program Explored Migrant Workers Museum

Source:   2016-12-17 16:06:36

Master Students from SSDPP- CDC Program Explored Migrant Workers Museum.

Several International Master Students at Beijing Normal University (BNU) were given opportunity to visit the Migrant Workers Museum while studying in Beijing, China.

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The students from many different disciplines in the university choose the course Introduction to Contemporary Development of China (ICDC) in order to learn and understand Chinese culture and society better.

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Prof. YANG Lichao explains to the students and share meaning of the inscriptions on the schemas

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Prof. YANG Lichao explains to the class and provided inscriptions to the pictures on the wall.

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Learning and experimenting out of classroom is a firsthand experience.

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It was an interesting experience for students to practically explore the museum after several class discussions about migrants in China.

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Schema summarizing the histories of the activities and the plights of migrant workers



Written by: Moses Kofi Ekpe (2016 cohort)

Edited by:  Pauline Munah Ponyene (2015 cohort)

Photo by: Andro Mahardika (School of Government)

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