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Source:   2017-01-05 13:20:57

The School of Social Development and Public Policy (SSDPP), Beijing Normal University has a culture of celebrating Christmas with international students each year. Christmas celebration among SSDPP international students has become a key activity in December every year. Christmas is that time of the year when friends and families around the world travel, spend time together and share warmth love throughout the festive seasons. Ahead of the popular December 25th Christmas day, last year’s magnificent Christmas party was held on 21st December 2016, in room 2030, north of main library building.

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Even though the students are away from their home countries, the international student’s union of SSDPP decided that a big Christmas party was the best way to celebrate the festive seasons while the students also conclude their fall semester in BNU. The event was organized by the multicultural community of international students in SSDPP; that include international students from different countries across the globe and the administrative staff of the department. The highlights of this spectacular yearly festivity were the food carnival prepared by the international students. Before anything else, everybody gathered around the tables to appreciate and enjoy different food from various countries along with snacks and fruits.   

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After enjoying the feast, lovely Christmas songs were played along with the exchange of gifts among the students via Santa Claus who was a 2016 cohort representative.  Most of all, the party was well attended by the final year (2015 cohort) and first year (2016 cohort) international students of SSDPP, and some Chinese students as well. Also, they invited friends from other departments in the BNU to celebrate with them and make the day more joyful. Finally, the lovely gifts including the different dishes, group photos especially the many random selfies left amazing and unforgettable memories with the participants since it was the manifestation of the unity and beauty found in diversity.

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The event was an opportunity for the international student's community to value each other’s culture and enjoy themselves while chatting throughout the evening and sharing the love brought by Christmas to the world.


 Written by: Elsabet Dessalegn Regassa (2016 Cohort)

Edited by: Pauline Munah Ponyene (2015 Cohort)

Photos: Milla Toivanen (2016 Exchange Student)




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