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SSDPP Program “Contemporary Development of China” produces another set of International Graduates with Master Degree in Public Management

Source:   2017-06-23 06:44:56

The days, weeks and months went so fast; the 2015 cohort international students have come to the end of their two years Master degree journey under the Contemporary Development of China (CDC) program at Beijing Normal University(BNU). Aunique graduation ceremony to celebrate such remarkable achievementswas planned andorganized by the student's union in collaboration with Zhu Lei the coordinator of the department.The ceremony brought together parents, families, relatives, and friends of the graduates. It was held on Friday, June 16, 2017, at the School of Social Development and Public Policy department room 2030. GenesisJosmarySanchez Mendoza served as moderator of the graduationceremony.


In a speech, the guest speaker Dr. Wang Chao, Country Director of Save the Children admonished the graduates to be prepared to accept challenges in their career paths. He stressed that many opportunities are buried in the challenges and only those who persevere can uncover the gold in the mud. For and on behalf of faculty members of SSDPP, Prof. WangXinsongencouraged the graduates to help telling the China’s story to the world as they have had a better understanding of the Chinese society and system during their stay in China.


The students’ representative of the 2015 cohort, PaulineMunahPonyenecongratulated her colleagues for coming this far. “It has not been an easy journey we have made it,” she said. She further thanked her colleagues for supporting the Student's Union which helped to create a wonderful study and living environment for all students.Moses Ekpe who is the successor of Ms.Ponyene,expressed his gratitude on behalf of the 2016 cohort to the graduates for their supports. In his position as the Student's Representative also entreated the graduates to be change makers in the world to serve as role models to others.


Moreover, it was an exciting moment for parents, relatives, and friends who attended the ceremony; few minutes were given to the family, relatives and other students to share words during the occasion. A mother of one of the graduates professed a very bright future for the graduating class. She added, “the discipline you all have chosen and the rich knowledge acquired are more than enough to propel for the bigger society". In addition to the speeches, AhyoungKim and FosiaSamo both from the graduating class shared their excitements and unhidden joy. Also,Student Sadig from the 2016 cohort added his words of encouragement to the pool of speeches.Overall, this year’s graduation ceremony left many with fond memories not forgetting the brief but funny video of the graduands. The video highlighted the internationalstudents' life, classinteractions, and other experiences during their stay at BNU and Beijing, China. This great piece was recorded and produced by SushmaDhital a member of 2015 cohort.


Finally and most importantly, the diploma was awarded to each graduate by the Vice Dean of SSDPP, Prof. QiaoDongping; after which the ceremony was climax with the faculty members and graduates in group photos followed by random photos with families and friends around Beijing Normal University Campus.


 Written by: Moses Ekpe (2016 cohort)

Edited by: Pauline MunahPonyene (2015 cohort)

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