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Students Representative Speech to CDC Program 2017 Graduating Students (I)

Source:   2017-06-29 01:24:51

Good afternoon to the Dean, Vice Dean, Faculty members of the School of Social Development and Public Policy, parents, relatives, friends and fellow graduates.

I am glad that we didn’t give up through the winter, rain, and sunshine, but we woke up every morning feeling optimistic. Completing this journey was our biggest wish back in September 2015. My dear friends, I wonder where the two years went; how far we have come and it all happens so fast. Today June 16, 2017, has come for us to smile and feel proud of our hard works from the past two years.

Moreover, obtaining a Master Degree in Public Management is an achievement not only for us as an individual but also for our families and countries. Today, our graduation is a signal that we can do more, go higher, do greater and stand up tall in every sector of society we will find ourselves.

Interestingly, the Contemporary Development of China (CDC) Master Program has produced a great number of females specifically 12 out of the total 17 graduates. Our class discussions, arguments, criticisms, and presentations were among the many challenging processes which I believe have prepared us for bigger perspectives and analysis of societal issues.

Additionally, I want to say thanks for your cooperation during the 2 years as President of this 2015 Cohort of SSDPP and head of the Student’s Union. To my Colleagues Benjamin Nymah–Appiah, the assistant Student’s Rep, Ahyoung Kim and Daniel Assab activities coordinators respectively; your support to our many study group meetings, seminars, and other activities made our stay in China wonderful. I hope that the current leaders of the Student’s Union and the present cohort will follow our footprints and enjoy their stay at SSDPP and in China as a whole.

I am very glad I had a chance to meet all of you; my wonderful teachers and classmates. It was a great experience to work and relate with each and every one of you. Furthermore, my interactions with you have allowed me to create proximate feelings for your countries in many ways. For example, I have heard and read a little about other countries but I firstly hear and learned about Azerbaijan through Ulkar Novruzlu, one of my classmates. Therefore, I can say that I know Azerbaijan even though I haven’t traveled to the country in reality.

I also want to say thanks to the Government of China for providing us this great opportunity. To the School of Social Development and Public Policy, Beijing Normal University, our nations, families, and friends; for and on behalf of my this graduating class, I want to promise that we will continue to make you all proud. Finally, we are separating from Beijing Normal University but into the world, we can reconnect some days in the future.

Thank you all and congratulations again to us, it has been an incredible experience!!!




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