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Students Representative Speech to CDC Program 2017 Graduating Students (II)

Source:   2017-06-29 01:29:19

The Guest Speaker, Dr Wang Chao

The Dean of SSDPP

The Vice Dean, Professor Qiao Dongping

Faculty Representative, Professor Wang Xingsong

Faculty Members

Graduating students

Continuing students

Parents, Family and Friends

Ladies and gentlemen!!!

It is always an honour to speak on an occasion like this, not in my personal capacity but on behalf of my colleagues, 2016 cohort.

The night I landed at the Beijing International Airport I was asked an intriguing question by the immigration officer attending to me. He asked, “is it easy for you to get admission into BNU?” And my answer was no. Immediately, it occurred to me that BNU is held in high esteem here in China. Then the question that came to mind was what could be the reason why BNU is seen as such. Well, your guess is as good as mine; BNU might have produced some great personalities to China and the world at large.

Today marks another milestone in the life of our graduating students-our seniors for that matter. I’m sure the joy that it comes with is indescribable. Yes, of course, it is worth celebrating taking into account the sacrifice you had to make to come this far. I say CONGRATULATIONS to you all. YOU HAVE MADE IT, yes YOU’VE MADE IT.

But that notwithstanding, the celebration also comes with expectations, challenges, responsibilities and the list goes on and on.

Gone were the days where academic certificates were the sole prerequisite for getting employed or making an impact in the society. Certificates to some extent no longer determine the level of impact one makes in the society or the world at large. Take the case of Bill Gates of Microsoft, Jack Ma of Alibaba, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and many others. The era in which we are, simply believes in one’s abilities and capabilities, not the number of certificates one has. This means we have to be more creative, innovative, and adventurous, among others. Therefore, the certificate you are going to receive today theoretically puts you a step ahead of those who haven’t reached this height. Your success is most guaranteed when you change the world’s challenges/problems into opportunities.

Some of you will be returning to your respective countries to assume top level positions in various companies or institutions whilst others will now be going on job hunting. Some of you also will also be great entrepreneurs. Yes, that is what it is. But in all cases, you need to prove your worth.

As the school’s motto goes “TURNING KNOWLEDGE INTO ACTION,” I entreat all our graduating students to move from the theories and get into action in your respective area of interest. Face the challenges head on, and make positive impacts wherever you find yourselves.

Be game changers, pathfinders, life transformers, pacesetters, problem solvers and above all be hungry to make the world a better place for others. You are the ambassadors of SSDPP and BNU at large.

As you leave the confines of BNU, remember that it is mandatory on you to turn whatever you have learned here into action regardless of the challenges that might come your way. The knowledge you have acquired here is more than enough to get you on your journey of making a positive difference.

This globalised world relies heavily on networking. As you are leaving I encourage you all to keep in touch. Thank God technology has made the territorial boundaries less and less important. Use the social media to keep connected. You never know where your life changing opportunity will be.

It is in this networking spirit, I am pleading with the school’s (SSDPP) authority to help us form an Alumni group/old student’s association to keep all the past students connected. I believe this will not only benefit the past students but also SSDPP.

On behalf of my colleagues, 2016 cohort, I humbly thank all our graduating students who have in one way or the other offered us help since we came to BNU. You all have inspired us in one way or the other.

 We cherish you, we appreciate you and we love you. We shall surely miss you.

We wish you all the best in your endeavours and hope to see you one day.

Thank you!!!!

By: Moses K. Ekpe (2016 Cohort)

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