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Did you miss the just ended International Student Cultural Festival?

Source:   2018-06-07 07:05:52

It’s difficult to summarize the Cultural Festival at Beijing Normal University on 20 May, 2018- so much happened in just one day. Students, academicians, staff and dignitaries had an incredible time exploring booths, watching live traditional performances and having a greater feeling of cultures from different parts of the world.  The venue was filled with cultural artifacts, traditional foods, traditional performances, traditional outfits and other items from across the globe.

There was one common language that is, the language of cultural identity and a sense of belonging.

Well, here are some refreshing pictures to give you an idea of how SSDPP students took part in the event.

Theodosia representing the Republic gf Liberia

Mxolisi ready to lift the South African flag high

Moses with his Ghanaian dancing troupe on stage

Lwana experienced the Mongolian culture

Sadig with his Tanzanian friends

Theo and Edward with their Liberians colleagues

Elsa,theo and Elsabet reoresenting Ethiopia and Liberia

Christian enjoys the Ethiopian culture and coffee

Theodosia shows the African culture

Bongolee Marwolo from Tanzania

Mohamed and Mareolo in their traditional outfits with their Tanzanian colleagues

Victoria and Moses from Ghana

Victoria showcases the Ghanaian culture


Written by: Lwana Kamanga (2017 Cohort)

Edited by: Moses Ekpe (2016 Cohort)

Photos: Multiple sources



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