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Titles: Gender, Buddhism and Volunteering

2014-05-13 02:23:48
Speakers:Mette Bekius
Time:May 14,2014, 3-5 pm
Discussants:Gina Holly & Karl Johnson
Content introduction:


Time: May 14,2014, 3:00-5:00 pm

Location: 2026 The North Main Building

Language: The first talk is in Chinese and the second is in English


Speaker 1: WANG Yang (MA student of SSDPP)

Topic: Stigma towards Psychiatric Patients among Primary Healthcare Workers and its Risk Factors


There is a huge number of patients with diverse mental diseases in China. Mental disease has a large influence on the quality of life among patients and their families. The attitude held by primary healthcare workers towards patients has an effect on patients’ help seeking behavior and their treatment outcomes. Besides, the public attitude could also be influenced by healthcare workers. However, research on stigma held by primary healthcare workers towards psychiatric patients is limited. This study, drawing upon an investigation of 395 primary healthcare workers, describes their stigma towards psychiatric patients and explores associated risk factors. It aims to provide evidence for intervention attempts to decrease stigma of healthcare workers, and to improve the acceptability of patients with mental disease.

DISCUSSANTS: XU Huiwen & WANG Xiaohua;


Speaker 2: Mette Bekius (MA student of SSDPP, majoring in contemporary development of China with a focus on gender)

Topic: Gender, Buddhism and Volunteering


Recent developments in Buddhism, including its spread to Western societies and increased involvement in social development and poverty alleviation may lead to conflicts with some of its more traditional elements. One of these is the position of women within Buddhism. The research presented in this talk is an ethnographic case study focusing on the interconnections between gender and Buddhist volunteering organizations in contemporary Chinese society. It is conducted in the translation center of a Buddhist monastery, and presents the experiences and views of female full-time volunteers at this center.

Discussants: Gina Holly & Karl Johnson

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